Parenteral support is a life-saving treatment for short bowel syndrome with intestinal failure (SBS-IF) patients, but it is costly and requires extensive use of medical resources.1,2

Direct costs of PS at home (HPN) in Europe range between €60–130 per day and involve:3–5

  • Nutrient solution
  • Dressing kits
  • Administration sets
  • Infusion pump

It is reported that parenteral support (PS) at home (home parenteral nutrition; HPN) costs 30%–60% less than the cost of PS in the hospital.

Additional costs include medical visits, laboratory monitoring fees, home nursing, or hospital readmissions for therapy complications, which occurs on average once or twice a year.5,6

Moreover, SBS-IF can have a direct financial impact on patients and their families due to the difficulty of finding or keeping a job, potentially reducing their household income considerably.1,6,7


Figure 5. The management of SBS-IF requires extensive use of healthcare resources.1,2,8

Date of preparation: May 2020 C-ANPROM/INT//7387