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Use this interactive tool to help explain to your physician how SBS impacts your life.

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  • How often should I see you?
  • Will I need to see any other doctors or specialists?
  • Is it possible that my SBS will improve over time?
  • Will I still have an appetite?
  • Will I still have normal bowel movements?
  • What long-term effect will not eating have on my remaining bowel?
  • Do I have to take any special hygiene precautions while being treated for SBS?
  • Will my SBS impact my immune system?


  • What symptoms can I expect with SBS?
  • Are there particular foods that can improve my SBS symptoms?
  • Are there particular foods that can make my SBS symptoms worse?
  • Are there activities that can help relieve or reduce my symptoms?
  • I often/sometimes lack energy or feel tired - is this normal?
  • I have noticed changes in my sleep habits - is this related to SBS?
  • I have noticed changes in my urine output - what should we do?
  • I have noticed changes in my weight - what should we do?
  • I have changed my fluid intake - can we discuss this?


  • What are my treatment options for SBS?
  • What are the goals of my SBS treatment?
  • Do you think I will need further surgery?
  • What possible side effects of treatment should I be aware of?
  • What factors did you consider in choosing a treatment for me?
  • Should I be concerned about taking too much medication, or taking medication too long?
  • What should I do if I forget to take my medication?
  • Which tests will be part of my overall treatment plan? How often will I need to repeat them?
  • Is there any new research about treating SBS?
  • I have recently made changes to what I eat/drink - does that affect my treatment?
  • Overall, I am not satisfied with my current SBS medication - are there options?


  • What effect will parenteral nutrition have on my lifestyle?
  • Will I be able to travel and take my treatments with me?
  • Will SBS or treatment interfere with my ability to do things like drive?
  • Will I be able to return to work in the future?
  • Will I be able to complete my studies in the future?
  • Will I be able to resume my active lifestyle in the future?
  • Can I go on holiday or on a weekend away?
  • I have an event away that I'd like to attend - how can I prepare for it?
  • How should I describe SBS to my family?


  • What patient support groups are you able to recommend?
  • Can you recommend any educational resources about SBS?
  • Are you able to put me in touch with other SBS patients?
  • Are you able to provide any advice or sources of information for my wife / husband / partner / caregiver who will be supporting me?

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